EVY Professional Finalist Most Innovative Styling Tool – AHFA Awards 2017

Innovative hair tool brand, EVY PROFESSIONAL, has secured TWO finalist nominations in the 2017 Australian Hair Fashion Awards in the Most Innovative Styling Tool category.

The Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA) is Australia’s largest and most successful independent hairdressing awards program which attracts hundreds of entries from salons, individuals and businesses across Australia. Entries are judged by a panel of international industry professionals, each of whom brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the judging process.


EVY PROFESSIONAL’s styling superstars, the INFUSALITE Dryer and the iQ-ONEGLIDE styling irons were judged by a panel of Australian Beauty Media over a four week testing period. All entries were evaluated according to a strict set of criteria including performance, design, user-friendliness, functionality and value for money.

“We are SO excited to see our two truly innovative styling tools nominated as finalists for the very first time in the AHFAs – it’s a testament to the hard work and the research and development we invest in our brand,” says EVY PROFESSIONAL CEO & Founder, Tracey Bazzano Lauretta.

An Australian-owned brand, EVY PROFESSIONAL is a hair tool range featuring unique patented Japanese mineral technology. Each of the EVY products feature 32 natural negative ion-generating minerals. This unique blend of post-volcanic minerals injects hydration and moisture into the hair as you style. The end result is hair heaven – silky, smooth, healthy hair every time.


The nominations come on the back of the appointment of Adelaide hairdresser, Sam James-Cockayne, as the brand’s new ambassador and Creative Director.

Says Sam, “The technology behind the brand is amazing and the results speak for themselves. My clients noticed the change in tools before I told them because of the shine and smoothness from their blow dry. The fact EVY is an Australian company is also a huge plus for me; I love supporting that, as much as I love the attitude of ‘being created by stylists for stylists’ and this I’ve found to be very true working with the EVY team.”

According to EVY CEO Tracey Bazzano Lauretta, “We are so thrilled to have Sam join the EVY team as our Ambassador in the role of Creative Director. Her passion for creating and maintaining beautiful healthy hair is infectious and is the perfect fit for the EVY philosophy. It will be an amazing partnership with so many exciting things on the horizon for 2017 including expansion of the range with the introduction of brilliant new tools and further global expansion.”

Winners of the 2017 AHFAs will be announced at a gala dinner night on Sunday 2nd April at Luna Park Sydney.

EVY Professional & Kristina Vaughn

Between wearing a SnapBack while I workout to having to wash my hair all the time as a gym rat my hair isn’t always the healthiest or softest! But I just got my new @evyprofus straightener and my hair feels so soft and silky! The straighter is infused with 32 minerals and truly is a fit girls lifesaver not to mention I normally have very little time to get ready in between working out and clients and I was able to straighten my hair so fast causeI only had To go over each section once! Thank you @evyprofus for bringing my locks back to life! Go check them out!

Amazing Curls with an Amazing Straightener

Oddly enough, the question I get asked most out of everything on Instagram, is how I do my hair. And it’s usually when I post photos of me with soft curls or “romantic curls” as some people refer to them as. So I’m going to give you guys some step by step instructions, and if you’re still confused I can post a tutorial later. First of all, you’re going to need a GOOD hair straightener- good hair straighteners are expensive, but completely worth it. Not only do they work much better and are easier to use than the cheaper brands. But they last for YEARS! When I say years I mean a good 5-6 years. I used to use a GHD, but I’ve been using the Evy iQ One Glide lately, and it works perfectly for curls and straightening.
The plates actually contain 24-carat gold for smoother glide (faannncccyyyy), and what I really love about this hair straightener is, instead of drying your hair out like a lot of other hair straighteners can do, it uses minerals in the plates to hydrate your hair, and help protect it from breakages, which is brilliant news for me considering I kill my hair with bleach every couple of months! I’ve actually noticed a massive difference in the feel of my hair after using it for the past few weeks!
So to get a soft curl look, it’s super easy, it just takes a bit of practise! I curl my hair in three layers to give it a bit more depth- when doing this, make sure you are curling your hair all the same way, if you curl each section in a different direction it’ll give you a completely different look! Once completely curled, brush your hair out with a soft brush, then flip your head upside down and hair spray the crap out of it! (Note: don’t freak out when you look in the mirror because your hair will look like an afro!) then I just use a comb or a brush to brush the curls down a little, and once I have the look that I am after, I hair spray it again, and voila! Like I said, I will try to post a tutorial later on how to physically do the curls, but for now, give it a go yourself! Practise makes perfect! To check out more info the Evy straighteners and stylets, just jump on their website http://aquabaci.com.au/evy/

EVY iQ-OneGlide Product Review

Evy IQ One Glide Professional Hair Straightener Review

This hair straightener is amazing! I was first introduced to it by my hair dresser Stevie English (who dyed my hair this amazing pink, they often do awesome colours and won so many hair awards)They have all switched to this straightener in the salon and pretty much the feedback has been all extremely positive! I didn’t really believe it until I tried it myself while getting my nano max treatment done. Previously I would experience tugging and pulling during the straightening process resulting in some bearable still painful tension on my hair however once they switched to these straighteners it was literally like it just glided through it! I guess that’s why they call it the One Glide.The plates itself are movable and kind of tilt to either side, ensuring that not too much pressure is put on your hair (which is what causes tugging) and letting the amazing plate; which is infused with 32 different minerals that generate negative ions and 24 carat gold; glide through your hair effortlessly.If you haven’t tried hair products with negative ions in them, it’s time to try! The difference it makes to your hair is simply amazing. Even I didn’t believe it at first, but this straightener left my hair so soft and shiny even though I’m technically putting so much heat through it!Evy create various products however this particular model is a professional level straightener, and well worth seeking out over the consumer models. Especially if you’re looking to invest in a straightener you should consider this model on your shortlist.

Professional models however aren’t available for consumer purchase so you’ll need to purchase it from a professional supplier. If you’re around Bondi or Glebe you can pop into Stevie English to try these babies before you commit. They also sell them so you can order over the phone or email and deliver it Australia wide:

Email lola[@]stevieenglish.com.au
Call Bondi: 9387 7791
Call Glebe: 9423 7033

I’ve owned a GHD for the longest time but this is definitely my replacement model when the time comes!

I managed to borrow it for a review so here it is :)!

 Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 1.44.49 PM