EVY Rebonding Rejuvenation

EVY Rebonding Rejuvenation System

The EVY PROFESSIONAL Rebonding Rejuvenation system will permanently straighten curly, frizzy, unruly hair - actually changing its texture to be soft, shiny and incredibly smooth. With the correct application performed by your certified EVY Technician, you will achieve easy to manage, shiny hair. The EVY PROFESSIONAL Rebonding System is an advanced formulation containing selected extracts for the ultimate in permanent hair rebonding (straightening) and rejuvenation.


Infused with OLEA EUROPAEA (Olive Oil extract), which contains at least four different antioxidants, also produces LINOLEIC ACID that prevents water from evaporating. This leaves the hair shaft filled with moisture so that no external moisture can create frizz! IONISED WATER to ensure a perfect inner hydration balance. Also containing RESVERATROL - the potent antioxidant goodness found in grapes to help fight the ageing process. Together this POWER TRIO will assist in ensuring that hair is not only naturally straight but hydrated, smooth and shiny.


  • Olive oil extract for extra silkiness, softness and hydration.
  • Ionised water emitting negative ions for inner hydration.
  • Resveratrol to help fight the ageing process.
  • Straightens the hair permanently, reducing after care and styling.
  • Does not contain formaldehyde.


In order to maintain your hair after your service, a few rules must be followed:

  • Do not shampoo hair or get it wet for 3 days. Avoid excessive exercise as scalp perspiration can affect the result of the EVY Rebonding service.
  • Do not apply chemicals (hair colour, etc) to hair for 14 days days post-service.
  • Do not twist or tie hair for 3 days.
  • No clips or hair-bands of any kind for 3 days as your hair is “setting and hardening”.
  • No swimming in chlorine or salt water for 14 days.
  • Always style your hair at home with the EVY PROFESSIONAL INFUSALITE Dryer and or IQ-ONEGLIDE iron to maintain and ensure inner hydration.
  • Always follow the guidance of your certified salon professional in regards to the most appropriate shampoo and conditioner range to maximise your benefits.

  • FAQ

  • What types of hair work with the Rebonding service?
  • It is safe for all hair types however there can be exceptions. It is best to
    consult with your salon professional who will examine your hair and advise
    accordingly. Your hair may need prior treatments to ensure the best results
    or in some cases may not be suitable to have the service performed.

  • How will my hair look and feel after a Rebonding service?
  • Your hair will be naturally straight, and it will feel soft and silky with
    amazing natural shine. The hair will move and style like natural hair.

  • Will I still need to blow dry my hair after an EVY Rebonding service?
  • Yes. Remember even people with naturally straight hair “style” their hair
    with styling tools if desired. However, the amount of time and effort you will
    spend styling will be dramatically reduced.

  • Can I have the rebonding service done if my hair is coloured or have had previous Keratin type services?
  • You will need to discuss with your technician to determine how long you will
    need to wait in-between services or perhaps be advised to treat regrowth
    only (with Keratin treatments we recommend to wait 4-6 months before
    having your Rebonding service).

  • Can a non-professional use this product?
  • Absolutely NOT! This product requires a certified professional hair stylist
    to pass a certification class and be registered in the EVY PROFESSIONAL

  • Can I do a colour service on the same day as an EVY rebonding service?
  • Normal procedure is to have colour done 10 days before or 14 days after an
    EVY Rebonding service. Do not colour on the same day.

  • How long does the hair remain straight?
  • After a complete EVY Rebonding service the hair will remain straight
    permanently. Only a re-touch will be needed every 4 - 6 months, depending
    on your hair growth.

  • Can EVY Rebonding be done on pregnant or lactating women?
  • Yes as EVY Rebonding is not applied on the scalp and has no toxic fumes
    it is completely safe. It does not contain any ingredients that release
    formaldehyde or any cancer causing ingredients.

  • How are the EVY PROFESSIONAL tools different from the others on the market?
  • The EVY PROFESSIONAL tools are patented for having Mineral Infused
    Technology, with 32 ion-generating minerals to maintain maximum condition
    for your hair and will be the preferred tool recommended with your EVY
    Rebonding service.