Every EVY PROFESSIONAL product is created by stylists for stylists

Every EVY PROFESSIONAL product is created by stylists for stylists


Hi, I’m Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta. As a former hair stylist and salon owner, I created the EVY Professional range based on years of using hair styling tools and not being completely satisfied. EVY Professional is the culmination of decades of experience and expertise and passion for hair. Our company name - AquaBaci - translates to water (Aqua) and kiss (Baci) in Italian. This is at the core of every EVY PROFESSIONAL product – a kiss of hydration for the love of healthy, fabulous hair. Everything we do is for the love of hair and we do it with passion. The EVY range is all about giving stylists and consumers the very best and most technologically advanced hair tools that work to hydrate and promote hair health while styling. I hope you love our EVY products as much as I have loved creating them.

Hair Hydrating Technology

It all started from post volcanic minerals from a remote region in Japan, where for centuries locals have enjoyed the benefits of strong, healthy hair and youthful skin. EVY has taken these highly beneficial ionic generating minerals and infused them into their hair tools. Not the first hair tool range to tap into these powerful minerals but most certainly the first to feature an impressive 32 hair hydrating and strengthening minerals along with added features. Other hair tools may feature 1-2 minerals at most! So what do these post-volcanic wonders do for hair? They impart negative ion and infrared energy, which work to micronize or break down water molecules so they are better able to penetrate the hair follicles. The result is pure inner hair hydration. It is hair that is shiny and healthy, even if you use your EVY tools frequently. No more dry, brittle hair from overuse of dryers or irons. Hair heaven has arrived!


EVY PROFESSIONAL is the new generation in advanced ion-powered hair tools, delivering hair-loving minerals to the hair shaft so that it rehydrates, reconditions and restores moisture balance to the hair as you style. Hair is an extension of who we are. It defines our sense of well being. It is our crowning glory. Luxuriant locks that are healthy and shiny boost confidence and self-image. Hair defines our personalities and how we project ourselves to the world. It is little wonder how much time, effort and investment we put into making sure our hair is the very best it can be. EVY PROFESSIONAL is a hair range that understands the pivotal role that hair plays. Created by stylists for stylists, it is all about starting with the basics and making sure that hair is strong, healthy and vibrant…getting those elements right for our hair extends to those same qualities in ourselves – we all want to feel strong, healthy and ready to take on the world! EVY PROFESSIONAL is a complete hair tool and product range created for the love of hair. It puts the ultimate hair tools into your hands to empower you with hair that is healthy, shiny and uber-stylish.


MINERAL INFUSED TECHNOLOGY Every EVY PROFESSIONAL product uses our unique Mineral Infused Technology for the ultimate styling experience. While some products incorporate one or two minerals, ours are infused with an extraordinary blend of 32 minerals. Sourced from one unique place in Japan, our rich post volcanic minerals have long spoilt locals with healthy skin and beautiful hair. Now, EVY brings this luxurious hair experience to you. This amazing natural resource of 32 minerals generates negative ion and far infrared energy, micronising water into fine particles that penetrate hair with more power than ever before. The result is pure inner hydration that leaves hair healthy, shiny and lustrous looking.


The styling superstar! Not only does this iron straighten and style hair to sleek and silky perfection, it also infuses it with hydration and moisture to leave it looking super shiny and healthy.


– Patented 32 natural negative ion and far infrared generating minerals infused into the plate for a superpower hydration boost and hair repair. – 24-carat gold infused plate, for smoother glide and deeper hydration. – 3-strip plate design for more even tension and faster results. – Digital temperature control from 130-210 degrees Celsius. – Automatic shut-off function after 60 minutes. – Soft touch finish for easier curling and styling. – Metal ceramic heater for faster heating. – Available in both 1” and 1.5” plates. – 3m professional cord. – Heat Proof Bags for easy travelling and storage. – World wide dual voltage


Mineral Infused Technology allows you to lock in hydration for the perfect salon finish. Created by stylists for stylists offering a touch of affordable luxury and unmistakable panache.


– 1” (25mm) Professional Styling Iron. – 3 Metre, 3D swivel cord which moves in any direction and rotates 720° for maximum convenience and durability. – Intelligent sleep mode, automatically turns off if left unattended after 60 minutes. – Super fast heating element, reaches up to 220° in 60 seconds. – Flexible floating plates with advanced mineral infused technology lock in natural moisture for smooth silky hair. – Adjustable temperature from 150-220° C with LED display for easy reading. – Heat resistant cap minimises heat transfer to the skin. – Super smooth glide for all types of straightening and curling – Heat Proof Bags for easy travelling and storage – World wide dual voltage


This is one of the lightest, brightest dryers ever! Featuring the same smart patented 32 natural negative ion and far infrared generating minerals, it infuses hair with inner hydration and moisture. Each blast leaves hair smoother and more hydrated. And as one of the lightest dryers on the market, it gives you more freedom for styling prowess.


- Ultra lightweight - only 378g.
- Mineral Infused Technology for inner hydration and super shine.
- Two different size nozzles for greater styling options.
- 3 variable heat and fan speeds.
- Lock in cool shot button.
- A convenient hang ring.
- 3m professional cord.
- Also includes soft carry/dust bag.


theBOSS puts you in charge of your blow dry, every time, ensuring easy, effortless styling with it’s super-powerful and super-hydrating technology.

Featuring 2400 watts of power. Patented EVY Mineral Technology to lock in inner hydration for faster drying and styling.


- Super long-lasting motor life.
- Cool Shot button. - Anti-slip number controls.
- Ceramic grill for longer life.
- 100% recyclable components.
- Italian parts fully assembled in Italy.
- No toxic paints.
- Zero electromagnetic charges emitted.
- Flexible 3 metre cord.
- Two nozzles
- Diffuser and Silencer available.


The EVY PROFESSIONAL E-CURL with dual purpose curling clamp or wrap technique allows you to easily achieve salon-finish curls with a quick twist.

What sets the E-CURL apart is the unique rotating cool tip for fast and safe styling control. No more fear of accidentally burning your fingers!


- 25mm round with clamp for easy styling.
- Extra long barrel for easy styling for longer hair.
- Bevelled edge on clamp allows wrapped curls to be seamless with no marking.
- Patented EVY Mineral technology to lock in inner hydration for longer lasting curls.
- Unique rotating cool tip for fast easy styling control.
- 5 heat settings (140°C, 160°C, 180°C, 200°C, 220°C) with LED indicator light up 220°C for precise digital temperature adjustment
- perfect for any hair type.
- World wide dual voltage


The EVY PROFESSIONAL brushes have been created by stylists for stylists to ensure superior quality and performance and to provide the perfect brush! Handmade in Korea this brush offers soft cushion features for gentle scalp stimulation.


- Super lightweight comfortable styling.
- Gentle massaging bristles set in a natural rubber cushion for improved scalp circulation and gentle brushing.
- Mineral infused bristles to emit ionic enregy for smoother shinier brushing, eliminating static and fly away hair.
- Soft touch rubber handle for ergonomic smooth handling and comfort.


The EVY PROFESSIONAL QUAD-TEC Brushes have been created by stylists for stylists to ensure superior quality and performance and to provide the perfect brush! Handmade in Korea with a unique QUAD-TEC combination of carbon, ceramic, twisted bristle and concave barrel features for the ultimate brush for both professional and home use.


Twisted nylon bristles for extra grip and no slipping whilst gently massaging the scalp. Mineral infused bristles to emit ionic energy for smoother shinier brushing, eliminating static and fly away hair. Carbon and Ceramic coated barrel provides faster drying and styling. Concave shaped vented barrel retains heat for faster drying with better tension for extra volume or smoothing. Super lightweight comfortable styling. Soft touch rubber handle for ergonomic smooth handling and comfort. Available in sizes: 25mm, 33mm, 43mm and 53mm.

EVY SCHIMA Mixed Bristle Brush CRYSTAL Paddle Brush

The EVY SCHIMA brushes have been created by stylists for stylists to ensure superior quality and performance when styling. The SCHIMA series features hand-crafted Schima Timber, cultivated from sustainably managed forests, and mixed bristles to easily create the perfect tension and shine.


– Handle and barrel withstands extreme temperatures. – Natural and Nylon bristles for the ultimate grip and high heat resistance. – More grip for a smoother, shinier blow-out. – Mineral infused bristles to emit ionic energy for smoother, shinier hair whilst eliminating static and fly-aways. – Comfortable ergonomic hand grip for smooth handling and comfort. – Available in sizes: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm.

EVY CRYSTAL Shine Paddle for the ultimate in brush luxury. The EVY PROFESSIONAL brushes have been created by stylists for stylists to ensure superior quality and performance when styling. EVY CRYSTAL Shine Paddle features ion-generating luminous crystals for extra luxury and shine, along with a convenient finger/hand grip for your comfort.


– Luxury luminous ion-generating crystals for the ultimate pampering. – Designed for pampered brushing after blow drying (direct heat to crystals not recommended). – Ergonomic comfortable handle grip for balance and comfort. – Large soft air-cushioned base for gentle control on sensitive scalps. – Easy detangling of longer hair including extensions. – Smooth flexible bristles that are kind to your hair reducing breakage.


Our Smoothing Emulsion, a shampoo that will straighten/ smooth hair in just one step (insalon service) in 1-2 hours with 80% organic wild crafted ingredients.

E-smooth DOES not contain formaldyde and parabens and is free of all nasties and is compatible with all chemical services and hair types.

Totally safe with no hidden nasties.
A blend of 4 organic acids to create smooth silky hair that will last up to four months . The end result is hair that will be silky and shiny and super easy to manage. We recommend the e smooth Bathe and Restore, Seal or Tame to maintain and ensure longevity of your e smooth service. E-smooth contains wild-crafted organic ingredients to pamper the hair with nourishing oils and extracts. 100% natural ingredients including fruit extracts, Tamarind, Apple, Sugar Cane Milk with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides combine for added moisture. Shine, silkiness and ease of styling is achieved naturally and safely, to create smooth, manageable, hydrated hair.


Deep moisturising shampoo and conditioner with wild crafted organic ingredients to pamper your hair with nourishing oils and extracts. Natural ingredients including fruit extracts, green tea, blueberry, and wheat germ, with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides for added moisture. Paraben and Sulfate free. Suitable for all hair types and especially beneficial for dry or chemically treated hair.


Seal Repairing Serum with luxurious ingredients including ceramides ,daffodil oil ,jojoba, Argan oil and Omega 3 to provide nutrition, extra hydration and shine whilst locking in moisture . High in extracts and natural plant oils ,seals and enables easy and fast moisturization and repair Reduces the formation of split ends -leaving hair shiny, silky and healthy.


Silk-refined cream with 100% natural ingredients including daffodil , jojoba and argan oils, green tea and ceramides to lock in moisture. Nourish and moisturise hair giving extraordinary silkiness and shine without weighing down your hair. Especially for fine hair, obtaining the same benefits of applying Seal Repairing Serum allowing more volume and texture while styling.


The EVY PROFESSIONAL Rebonding Rejuvenation system will permanently straighten curly, frizzy, unruly hair – actually changing its texture to be soft, shiny and incredibly smooth.

With the correct application performed by your certified EVY Technician, you will achieve easy to manage, shiny hair.
The EVY PROFESSIONAL Rebonding System is an advanced formulation containing selected extracts for the ultimate in permanent hair rebonding (straightening) and rejuvenation.


Infused with OLEA EUROPAEA (Olive Oil extract), which contains at least four different antioxidants, also produces LINOLEIC ACID that prevents water from evaporating. This leaves the hair shaft filled with moisture so that no external moisture can create frizz!

IONISED WATER to ensure a perfect inner hydration balance. Also containing RESVERATROL – the potent antioxidant goodness found in grapes to help fight the ageing process. Together this POWER TRIO will assist in ensuring that hair is not only naturally straight but hydrated, smooth and shiny.

With the power trio of ionised water , resveratrol and olive oil extract ,this rich nourishing mask will silken and gloss all hair types. Use weekly for best results, leaving on for for up to 30 minutes.


– Olive oil extract for extra silkiness, softness and hydration.
– Ionised water emitting negative ions for inner hydration.
– Resveratrol to help fight the ageing process.
– Straightens the hair permanently, reducing after care and styling.
– Does not contain formaldehyde.



With 12 tips perfect for soft, natural styling for all occasions. Works with theBOSS dryer.


Light, small and easy to install accessory that replaces the filter of the dryer to reduce noise.

Using technology to eliminate sound waves for amazingly quieter results. Works with theBOSS dryer.